Choose your travel companion intelligently


Traveling to Israel, or any foreign country… it’s a dream for many of us. Some travel in groups, with family, between friends, in couple or alone. From laughter to tears there is only one step and it must be recognized, not everyone is made to travel together, even if they know each other. So its important to choose your travel companion wisely.


Your best enemy

It is essential to choose your travel companion (s). Your best friends to life can easily become your worst nightmare on the road to travel. There are principles to know, qualities to respect, defects to avoid. We do not design all trips the same way. There are adventurers who cannot imagine leaving without their backpacks. For them, only the outgoing flight is reserved, for the rest it’s total improvisation. For others, everything must be organized to the nearest kilometer. One of my closest friends, the owner of San Francisco Bay Area Towing, is exactly like this, extremely organized and plans everything well in advance. Sometimes this can be really helpful, other times a bit too much.

The key is to find someone who shares the same vision of the journey as you, who has the same project, the same desires, the same budget and the same pace. It’s not about finding your duplicate, your clone, because the experience might be tasteless, but finding someone with whom the barbecue skewers cannot be considered a dangerous weapon.

To travel is to share, to adopt a positive attitude and especially to respect the other. All bloggers will tell you. And succeeding his trip to several (group greater than 4 people to avoid) goes through a pre-departure meeting and brainstorming. Before starting the journey, everything must be said and heard.


The interview

Would your friend qualify as flexible? Because it is one of the essential qualities that your traveling companion must have . When you choose your travel companion, make sure they enjoy the same food. Because there are some who miss good things. To travel is to appreciate all that the country has to give you.

What relationship do you have with money? The question that is annoying but nevertheless essential. It does not matter the social status of your traveling companion. The important thing is to agree on the budget and move accordingly to avoid frustration and settling of accounts (in every sense of the word) at the end of the trip. The famous saying goes: “good accounts make good friends”.

What are your travel interests? Relaxation or trekking atmosphere, museum or beach, camping or resort? It is important to be clear about your travel intentions, share common interests and be open to compromise.

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