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Choose your travel companion intelligently

  Traveling to Israel, or any foreign country… it’s a dream for many of us. Some travel in groups, with family, between friends, in couple or alone. From laughter to tears there is only one step and it must be recognized, not everyone is made to travel together, even if they know each other. So […]

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Visit Ho Chi Minh Square

  The mere mention of Ho Chi Minh evokes a lot of passion in the minds of the nationals of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is a city named after the hero of Vietnam’s struggle for freedom from the shackles of colonial rule.This city named after this national hero holds a lot of monuments; it is […]

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Why you should visit Israel at least once in your live

Israel is one of the countries that everyone should visit at least once in your live. Even, if you don’t travel a lot. There are many reasons why you should consider traveling to Israel. Not only is the Israeli culture something that you should experience, but their food, and the historical buildings are all things […]

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